I try to keep my bad moods to myself. I feel like for me, it’s important that my fans know I have no lines drawn in the sand when it comes to them. It’s like 30 seconds of my day to take a picture or sign an autograph, so it’s really not something I allow myself to get irritated by. They have given me so much and for me to be rude to them, to ignore them or complain about a lack of privacy, I don’t think that’s fair. I see some artists who live their lives in this constant black hole where they’re afraid to go out in public or be seen with someone, and I never want it to get that far. The way I see it, I live my life. I go out for coffee or I take a walk with my friends or I go grocery shopping; if it just so happens that pictures of that end up online? Well it’s just something you laugh about in the car on the way home.
Taylor Swift (via tswiftquotes)